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Nale - “Death. Skulls. Satan. - FAN EDITION - LP, PIN & STICKER.

Nale - “Death. Skulls. Satan. - FAN EDITION - LP, PIN & STICKER.

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Sweden’s hottest underground metal act breaks through and releases their new album “Death. Skulls. Satan.! With a vicious blend of metal in the likes of Panera and the Haunted with the fast paced rock of Danko Jones and a punk fueled in-your-face attitude of Motörhead, Nale delivers a high octane album with massive drive, heavy riffs, brutal vocals and groove that will leave necks, and hips, sore for days. An album of 11 hard-hitting songs that display the whole spectrum of one of Sweden’s hottest upcoming acts and which blends seamlessly into their high energy, sweat drenched live performances.

Releasdate 20180323 - LP - FAN EDITION - LP, PIN & STICKER.


01 Slither

02 Filth

03 Dead Man’s Song

04 Death, Skulls & Satan

05 Exit

06 No Escape

07 Drive

08 The Black

09 Hell's Wrath

10 Smasher

11 Pigs