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Persefone - Aathma  (2 LP Ltd Orange Vinyl)

Persefone - Aathma (2 LP Ltd Orange Vinyl)

329 SEK

This is a special limited version of Persefones critically acclaimed album Aathma!
For fans of Opeth, Borknagar, Arcturus, Death, Symphony X or Cacophony.
Mixed and mastered by Jens Bogren.

Release Date: November 24th, 2017


01. An Infinitesimal Spark

02. One of Many…

03. Prison Skin

04. Spirals Within Thy Being

05. Cosmic Walkers

06. No Faced Mindless

07. Living Waves

08. Vacuum

09. Stillness is Timeless

10. Aathma

      Part I. Universal Oneness

      Part II. Spiritual Bliss

      Part III. One with the Light

      Part IV. …Many of One