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Persefone - Spiritual Migration - Marble Orange/Black vinyl

Persefone - Spiritual Migration - Marble Orange/Black vinyl

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Persefone - Spiritual Migration

Five years has passed since Persefone unleashed “Spiritual Migration” for the first time. This album brought the band out of the cellar and into the sunlight. To say it was a critical success is an understatement, but it also gained Persefone a much broader audience and took the band on several tours in Europe, Japan and China. Spiritual Migration is today considered a classic album in the progressive metal scene, and are now, for the first time be available on vinyl.

RELEASEDATE 20180316   - Gatefold, 2x12” Marble Orange/Black vinyl


Side A

01. Flying Sea Dragons

02. Mind as Universe

03. The Great Reality

04. Zazen Meditation

Side B

01. The Majestic of Gaia

02. Consciousness Pt. 1: Sitting in Silence

03. Consciousness Pt. 2: A Path to Enlightenment

Side C

01. Inner Fullness

02. Upward Explosion

03. Spiritual Migration

Side D

01. Metta Meditation

02. Returning to the Source

03. Outro